Atlanta United Supporter Groups

The Supporter Section’s purpose is to be your worst nightmare and our secret weapon. It is the engine, the driving force behind the ATL every day, and the heart of game-day. Here, we support and promote all things Atlanta United.

The Supporter Section is the heartbeat of the stadium, where the ATL is brought to life by its most passionate fans. Together, we strive to create the loudest, most creative, most passionate and stunning, gritty yet flashy sporting experience in North American soccer.

Unite and Conquer.


The mission of the Supporter Section is to support the great game of soccer in and around Atlanta. The Supporter Section exists as a means to coordinate all the things that our supporters do. We promote playing the game we love and facilitate supporters culture through creating tifo displays, working with the club management in resolving issues, and arranging travel to away matches.


Footie Mob is an Atlanta United FC supporters group with members from across the in-town Atlanta area. Our goal is to create a unique fan experience by blending soccer supporters group traditions with our southern sports culture. Join us for match watching parties, tailgates, and in the stands. 


Resurgence is an Atlanta United Supporter’s Group who focuses primarily on creating a rowdy and passionate in-match, Supporter's Section experience. Resurgence members pride themselves on "earning their scarf" by standing and chanting the full 90, making our presence known. We prioritize tifo design and execution over tailgating, and proudly send capos and drummers to each match. Our heavy DIY approach motivates members to sing original songs and wave hand-made flags. Driven by pride of club and city, Resurgence will be heard long after the match ends—in victory and defeat. Hail United.


Launched in 2014 with the MLS Atlanta announcement, Terminus Legion exists to champion and support Atlanta soccer, and the communities in which it is played. Being a member of Terminus Legion implies more than being bound by unwritten rules or conventions of “traditional supporters culture.” It means you are a part of something bigger than yourself. It also means you have a responsibility to be Positive and Inclusive, on and off the field. 


We are parents, coaches, players and passionate supporters of Atlanta United with unique game day experiences, extraordinary events and a flair for food, fun, and friendship.

The Faction has a mission of using sport to help develop youth character and the language of soccer to promote tolerance, inclusivity, and the value of collaboration in achieving success.


The Supporter Section Board consists of the leaders of each officially recognized supporters club with the elected officers serving as directors. Board meetings are held monthly with the Club Liaison and quarterly with the Club’s Executive Team.


All official Atlanta United supporter clubs strive to uphold the MLS Fan Code of Conduct amongst our members. Singing, chanting, community involvement, and the biggest baddest visual in-game presence are at the core of our being. Our standards are what keep the Supporter Section on fire - check them out below.


Supporters Groups - Mercedes Benz Stadium Map